American Pro™ – Perennial Ryegrass

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Perennial Ryegrass (PR) lawns are one of the best lower maintenance lawns of the cool season grasses. This is one of the toughest and most traffic tolerant turf covers that can be grown. Ryegrass is noted for quick germination, shiny green color, fine texture (newer turf type varieties) and dense forming sod. High disease and insect resistance helps to make PR one of the leading choices for lawn and athletic covers in the cooler regions of North America. Perennial ryegrass is planted as permanent turf or lawn grass and to over seed warm season grasses while they are in winter dormancy.

Perennial ryegrass seed is also mixed with other cool season grasses to provide more density to the dominate grass in the mixture. PR seed is often added to Kentucky bluegrass seed to add strength and give bluegrass time to repair while the PR is in full growth. These two grass species can be mown at the same height and retain a sod density for which both are well known. Although bluegrass may require more fertilizer, the PR will respond to additional amounts without any damage.

  • Dark green color
  • Excellent for sports fields
  • Stripe-ability

    Perennial Rygrass
    Professional Stripe ability – Perennial Ryegrass
  • Endophyte enhanced
  • Pest resistant
  • Disease resistant
  • Medium to fine blade width
  • Wear tolerant

American Pro is a quality mix designed for high traffic areas. It has a medium to fined blade width, with a deep green color. Endophyte enhancement makes it more tolerant to chewing insects and diseases. this grass is excellent for producing that beautifully striped ball field look. We plant from seed every year to ensure uniform beauty, quality turf , and the best and newest varieties available.

Stadium Stripes Perennial Rygrass
Professional Stripe Ability





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