Quick Sod Installation Tips


1 Soil Preparation

Add Soil Amendments

  • Sand
  • Compost

2 Final grading

  • Level as possible
  • Settle Trenches
  • 2” below concrete edges
  • ½” below sprinkler head

3 Test Sprinkler Coverage

  • Dampen and cool the Soil
  • Make sure even head to head coverage is accomplished
  • Fertilizer with All American Sod 16-16-16 Turf Starter Fertilizer

4 Install Quick Fresh Sod from All American Sod Farm

Water within 30 minutes of installation

  • Fill Soil Profile
  • Add 1″ of water or Water for 1 hour

5 Fertilize immediately after installation

6 Water Deep and Infrequent

  • Promotes deep root growth
  • Makes Lawn Healthy

7 ENJOY!Enjoy Quick Sod Installation

Simply Beautiful Sod

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